Is it Safe to Walk Around Nashville?

There have been a couple of incidents in Nashville that may give you cause for concern. This post will show you how safe Downtown Nashville is. Nashville can be a very safe place.

Certain Nashville suburbs are not recommended for tourists, which is why crime has increased in Nashville. Downtown Nashville has a well-lit, busy area with visible police officers. Tourists can walk around Downtown and the surrounding areas with no fear, despite the odd incident.

Crime Statistics in Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville has a higher rate of property and violent crime than the national average. This doesn’t necessarily mean tourists will be the victims of property or violent crime. Most crimes are not committed in tourist areas. You can find the most popular things in Nashville in public places that are generally safe.

Other factors will also be important when assessing how safe Nashville is. Your trip could be affected by weather and pandemic concerns. These factors are subject to rapid change, so make sure you check current weather forecasts and covid-19 statistics before your trip to Nashville.

What Parts of the City are the Safest?

Most tourist destinations are safe. Tourist areas are always busy during the day, and even into the evening. People are constantly busy in areas like Downtown Nashville and Midtown. Although you need to be mindful of what is around you, most tourists will not encounter problems.

In summer, when there are more tourists in Nashville, the crime rate can rise dramatically. The time that you spend in Nashville will impact how safe and unsafe it is. Nashville’s safety situation is much better today than it was during the 1990s.

Tourists who choose to stay in certain areas enjoy greater security. Tourists are usually safe in Nashville, thanks to the presence of private security guards and police patrols.

Safety Tips for Nashville

Nashville Police Department warns travelers not to leave valuable items in their vehicles or hotel rooms while traveling to areas where security isn’t high.

Car theft is Nashville’s most common property crime. Always check to make sure your vehicle is secure. Here’s a look at the most common crimes in Nashville and their risk levels.

You can stay safe if you are vigilant. There are many opportunities for criminals to steal or attack tourists unaware of their surroundings.

When you’re in public places like restaurants or bus/train stations, be aware of strangers who may approach or try to make conversation.

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