Are Nashville Bars Expensive?

Do you plan to bar-hop in Nashville? Nashville bars are open 7 days per week. Broadway is not the only place you can visit. Another neighborhood in Midtown has Division Street, which is home to a few bars and live music venues.

Determining how much you have to pay for drinks depends on a few factors. Which drink do you like? You can make fancy cocktails but beer won’t break the bank if you are looking to indulge in a few too many.

Nashville Bar Prices

Nashville is known for its live entertainment scene. Lower Broadway, downtown is where the majority of bars are located. It has over 30 bars in total. Many were founded by Country music icons like Blake Shelton and Kid Rock.

Some bars have a reputation for being the oldest and most connected to Music City’s best artists. Nudies, Roberts Western World, and Tootsies are some of the venues.

Honky-tonks won’t have happy hours. By offering discounts on drinks, happy hour can be used to draw people in at slow times. Broadway has so many performers that it doesn’t make sense for them too.

The prices are comparable to other popular tourist destinations in the United States. The most common drinks include domestic beer, which costs about $10.

Other Costs to Consider when going out in Nashville

Other costs should also be considered, like parking. This site is a must-see if you’re driving to town. 5th and Broad is the nearest place to park, which can be found on Upper Broadway. You can park anywhere from 20 to 30 hours.

Lower Broadway honky tonks are free of charge. It is encouraged that you tip servers and musicians. It is a good idea to tip your servers and musicians twice the tax. The total cost of two beverages would amount to $15.50, plus 9.75% taxes. For $18.50, a tip of $3 is appropriate.

Taxis or Uber are also an option. Uber costs $5-10 to take you from Vanderbilt to downtown.

Is here a cover charge at bars in Nashville?

You don’t need to pay for entry to bars in Nashville in most cases. Particularly on Broadway there is no cover charge. In most cases, musicians performing live music at Broadway bars survive on tipping. Be prepared to tip the bar.

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